World’s Biggest Wind Turbine

We know about turbines something less or more but have you ever think about how big wind turbines can be?

Norway has announced plans to build the world’s largest wind turbine The turbine will measure 533 feet high with a rotor diameter of 475 feet.  With that big size will also come big power – the turbine is expected to have a capacity of 10 MW, or enough to power 2,000 homes.

The $67.5 million record-breaking prototype will be three times more powerful than regular-sized turbines. The leap in power will come from reduced weight and less moving parts.  It will be tested for two years on land in southwestern Norway to fine-tune the technology but is ultimately destined for offshore use.

The parties involved hope the mega-turbine will help increase the profitability of offshore wind power.  The turbine is planned to be installed in 2011.

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