Texas And Iowa Installed Highest Ever Wind Turbines Than Ever Last Year

Texas and Iowa topped the list of highest wind power generating states in the US by installing the highest number of turbines ever last year, showing unprecedented growth in the nationwide capacity to a seven-year high as per the latest reports. Thanks to the tax benefits that have fuelled up this phenomenal growth that facilitated developers to send projects into service.

As per the latest report from the American Wind Energy Association released on Wednesday, Texas added 4 gigawatts and Iowa installed up to 1.7 gigawatts surpassing other states in wind power capacity. This rise in the wind power capacity of both states has helped to boost the total installation of the US to 9.1 gigawatts last year. This is the highest recorded ever since the expiration of federal tax credits on wind power since 2012

The tax credits for the wind power sector have got extended many a time and were put down to expire again this year, indicating another race to soon begin to finish the projects. This change had lead the way to record the third-best year in the industry indicating optimal growth to take place in the coming years.

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