Lundin Oil Fields Off Norway To Use Power From GE Wind Turbines In Finland


Oil and gas outfit announces to use  electricity from OX2’s 132MW subsidy-free Metsälamminkangas project

Lundin Petroleum, the leading independent oil and gas exploration, and Production Company that operates in Norway will indirectly supply energy to its operation platforms off Norway from the 132MW Metsälamminkangas wind farm which is being developed by OX2 in northern Finland.

Recently, Lundin bought the wind Power project and is set to use the wind power output from 24 Of GE Renewable Energy’s Cypress 5.5MW  wind turbines to supply power to the Johan Sverdrup and Edvard Grieg oil and gas fields, Lundin spokesperson said.

The President and chief executive officer at Lundin Petroleum said, “Apart from the existing hydroelectricity project in Norway, the Metsälamminkangas wind farm will be replaced by a big share of our net electricity usage, powering our offshore Norway oil and gas production facilities”.

Lundin’s oil and gas fields located at off southern Norway, the Johan Sverdrup and Edvard Grieg, would not receive wind power from Finland directly but be fed into the Nordpool power system.

Recently, Lundianoil and gas firm told Recharge that it is substituting the same amount of power it withdraws from the Nordpool system to carry out its oil and gas operations with renewable energy such as wind power from elsewhere, such as Metsälamminkangas.

Lundin also stated that it has plans to use renewable electricity to carry out its offshore oil and gas operations in collaboration with Norway state-owned Oil and Gas giant Equinor, to increase supply its fossil offshore exploration with the use of renewable power either from the cable from land or from adjacent offshore wind farms.

Equinor also stated that it has plans to use electricity of 88MW from floating Hywind Tampen floating array and a total of 350MW from bottom fixed Havsul 1 offshore wind project to supply power to its own Norwegian offshore oil and gas activities.

OX2 also stated that the firm has acquired the project’s rights at the Metsälamminkangas site that has reported high average wind speeds at the turbines hub heights of 7.2 meters per second in the year 2019.

The developer is already building the wind farm as an EPC contract and has taken the responsibility to manage the project both in technical and commercial aspects. The facility is planned to be commissioned for Lundin Petroleum by December 2021 which is expected to produce energy of 400gigawatts Approximately per year.

The OX2 Chief Executive, Paul Stormoen was quoted saying that this project would be the largest project in Finland, which is providing opportunities for a stupendous growth of markets for wind energy investments in Europe. He also said that they are ready to offer an attractive non-fossil investment for Lundin Petroleum.

OX2 is currently producing 1.2GW, including seven wind farms of 340MW approximately in Finland

GE said that it has plans to set up an ice mitigation system for Metsälamminkangas in order to endure icing conditions for a significant part of the year. The order falls in line with a multi-year service contract.

Installation is all set to begin in the second quarter of 2021 and the turbines are slated to be completely commissioned by the year-end of 2021.

Peter Wells, The Chief executive for GE’s onshore wind in Europe said that OX2 is one of the biggest developers of wind farms in the Nordic region and that they are glad OX2 has selected GE’s brand –new Cypress platform.

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